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2016 Events

Click on the links provided to access the event fliers and, when available, the speakers' presentations. "Loan" indicates that a video is available for loan from von Kármán Auditorium, (818) 354-6666.

Date of Talk


Title of Talk



January 20, 21Debbie MillmanThe Power of Stories and SymbolsFlierN/A
April 5Konstantin BatyginPlanet Nine from Outer SpaceFlierN/A
May 24Marco TempestInventing the ImpossibleFlierN/A
July 18Frank Gehry, 
Rob Manning, 
Raul Polit-Casillas
The Hidden Dimensions of Architecture 
and Engineering Design
August 2Rodney Mullen“Risk, Resilience, and Reward”FlierN/A
August 9Neville Page“Creature Design and Creative Process”FlierN/A
October 6Theo Jansen“STRANDBEEST: Creating New Forms of 
Mechanical Life Walking on Wind Power”

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