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2014 Events

Click on the links provided to access the event fliers and, when available, the speakers' presentations. "Loan" indicates that a video is available for loan from von Kármán Auditorium, (818) 354-6666.

Date of Talk


Title of Talk



February 25Cate Heneghan, 
Chuck Manning, 
Bryan Allen
Wingsuits, Jazz, and Human Engines: 
The Dual Lives of JPLers
March 26Dave LoganThe Dark Side of LeadershipFlierN/A
April 24Dr Kimberly ShrinerWhere Technology and Bush Medicine Collide: 
The Phil Simon Tanzania Project
May 21Kenneth G. LibbrechtThe Secret Life of a Snowflake: Puzzles and 
Peculiarities in the Molecular Dynamics of Crystal Growth
June 19-20Robert J. LangFrom Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes: 
The Mathematics of Origami
October 7Andy WeirStranded on Mars: Could an Ingenious Astronaut Survive?FlierN/A
October 31N/AA VIP Tour of the USS Pasadena SubmarineAnnouncementN/A

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