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Become a Member

CMA membership is open to all JPL and Campus employees (including retirees) and to all contractor (affiliate) personnel. Membership dues of $20 annually support the planning and organizing of events, and allow the board to bring a wide variety of high-quality programs to the community.

NOTE - Membership dues have been suspended for FY2022, effective immediately.

Why Join CMA?

Political and economic developments around the world have a significant impact on research, education, and space policies and funding. Our program during the forthcoming year will provide you with thought-provoking commentary and keep you up to date with the latest developments in industry and management philosophy. Your membership in CMA is valuable to you - and your sponsorship of CMA activities is valuable to the Caltech Campus and JPL.
Laurice Balian, Membership Chairperson

Membership Features

  • Access to free events and speakers addressing management, leadership, scientific, and technological issues.
  • Presentations from internal senior managers and external management experts.
  • Preferred seating.
  • Special events, including tours and field trips.
  • 10% discount at the Caltech store (excluding tickets, tokens, textbooks, and film processing).


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